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Floh Tampons – Everything You need to know about it

Floh Tampons are Digital Viscous, also known as Non-Applicator Tampons, designed to take better care of your Menstrual Hygiene. They come in two variants; Regular Floh and Super Floh, both meant for different absorbency levels depending on your flow. The Regular Floh Pack is meant for light to moderate flow days, while the Super Floh Pack is all you need for your heavy flow days. The Regular Floh Pack will cost you ₹115, while the Super Floh Pack will cost ₹120. In order to avoid buying tampons every month, Floh also provides a subscription service, for 3, 6 and 12 months – you can choose between Super and Regular Tampons, or subscribe for both together. A combination pack of two Regular Floh Tampon Packs will cost you ₹230, a combination of two Super Floh Tampon Packs will cost you ₹240 and a combination Pack of one Super and one Regular Floh Tampon will cost ₹199. Floh Tampons are environmentally progressive, and hence are only non-applicator based, which also means they are easier to insert and get a hang of.


Tampons, in general, can take a little bit of practice and at first may seem overwhelming, but once gotten used to, you’ll never want to give them up.

Periods too can be a stressful time of the month, but our goal is to make it as stress-free as we can. Using a tampon is one suggestion. There are tonnes of myths associated with tampons that need to be broken.

  • To begin with, using a tampon doesn’t make you lose your virginity.
  • No, you cannot lose a tampon inside you.
  • No, you don’t necessarily have to change your tampon every time you pee.

Floh Tampons are easy to insert and use.

To start with, you need to relax because when you’re tensed it becomes a little difficult to insert a tampon.

  1. Start by unwrapping the tampon with clean, dry hands.
  2. Pull the tear strip in the middle of the tampon. Take out the string and give it a firm tug.
  3. Since Floh Tampons are non-applicator tampons, you have to use your finger to insert it.
  4. Remember, the tampon has to be inserted into your vagina which is the middle opening between the urethra (the opening used to discharge urine) and the anus, (the opening used to discharge feces from the body).
  5. To remove the tampon, pull the string and it will slide out smoothly. Always remember to wash your hands before inserting and before removing!


Tampons offer great freedom of movement and once inserted properly, would be completely sensation-less, which means you can go about your day with one less reminder that you’re on your period! What more can we ask for?

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